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pin oak week - april 2002
fluffy and duffy enjoy our barn setup-flower garden and bench .....

i had a little too much time with nothing to do, so i took some shots of the ingate - some kind of pony class....

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I tend to wait for all the Cyber Monday handbag deals to come about each November, though, as the designer handbags I like aren't exactly easy on the purse strings. This year, fellow handbag-loving friends, you'll be pleased to know that your next piece of arm candy may just well be at a fraction of the price.

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These early '00s originals are delightfully varied in style and very much of their time – think feminine floral embroidery, denim, camouflage and logo-tastic prints. Chiuri's reinvented Saddle Bag is a vehicle for Dior's artisanal craftsmanship.

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