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Researchers at Cornell University created a computer system that could spot fake hotel reviews with over a 90% accuracy, however when presented with the same reviews, human participants spotted the fake reviews less than 50% of the time. Automated fake reviewers will often have a one or two word name with three digits at the end, as these can be easily changed to post numerous reviews on the same or across multiple sites. On many sites it is also possible to check the commentators other reviews; do they tend to leave lots of reviews that are either extremely good or extremely bad, are their reviews centred on certain product types, do they tend to focus on products from little known companies, and do they tend to post a lot of reviews at once? If so then they could be a fake reviewer.

What To Do If You Are Sure A Facebook Account Is Fake Bots exploit beauty and often sport a pic of a gorgeously attractive girl or handsome guy on their pages. Why? We are only human – an enticing photo dramatically increases the chance of having a friend request accepted.

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The Chart can be endless if we talk about genuine Free Ebooks providers but I listed some of the most authentic which I tried myself. Remember these sites don't provide AudioBooks just Ebook Downloading so don't think you can get those as well for Free. If you show interest so we do it as well definitely but for that, you have to ping us on our Social Media to let us know your interest in Free Audio Book Downloading Sites List like we have made for Paid Ebook Downloading Site List here. Philosophy

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To be paid in iTunes vouchers, you need to save 200 points for a £10.00 iTunes Gift Card Code. How much can you make per survey? 50p

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9. G2 Crowd If you want to get paid to write reviews, one of the best places to look is called Get Reviewed. The website will pay you cash for sponsored reviews and blog posts. If you want to participate in this program, you need to have a self-hosted website with a strong domain authority of at least 20 or above. To elevate your domain authority, focus on a specific niche. Then, convince other people to provide links that point back to your website. This will position your site as an authority in the field.

The move comes a day after Amazon said it would pay employees a "reasonable" amount of warehouses across the country. Amazon will also offer employees a month of paid leave.

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